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HealthStat for your practice

To install HealthStat for your practice you request a HealthStat license. A HealthStat license costs $1000 per annum and provides practice population analyses, with comparisons between your practice, your PHO if they have purchased HealthStat for you, and with a random sample of 10% of the NZ population. HealthStat provides two year trend data by month, so you can easily track your progress without trawling through old data. This is one of 150 analyses provided by HealthStat—consultation rates by provider by age group:

Bar chart of consultation rates

HealthStat / CAT

The HealthStat / Clinical Audit Tool package costs $1500 per annum and provides a complete population health solution, fully integrated with MedTech, with drill down from analyses, including dashboards, to lists of patients that require attention, and click-through to your live clinical records.

As an example, this is the HealthStat diabetes dashboard. If you click on the ‘HbA1c in last 6 months’ dial you will get a list of patients with diabetes with no HbA1c in last 6 months, which you can then recall, set alerts etc., or click through to clinical notes.

Diabetes dashboard