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HealthStat for your PHO

If your PHO purchases HealthStat for all the practices in your PHO you get three great benefits:

  1. You can see how you are going on all HealthStat clinical and business indicators compared to the PHO as a whole, as well as compared to the random sample of 10% of NZ
  2. If you agree, your PHO can easily identify which practices need help and in what areas.
  3. Your PHO can monitor PHO-level contract performance in real time. PHOs often have individual contracts with DHBs. HealthStat can monitor these with zero extra effort from you—no ad-hoc reporting into Excel templates!

For example, HealthStat provides PHO Performance Programme data in a PPP dashboard, with a single click taking you to lists of patients that need attention, within MedTech. Dashboards are available at practice and PHO level. Here’s a real practice’s PPP dashboard:

Practice dashboard